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Name: Isaac Hinds
Age: 23
Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Occupation: Interactive Designer
Recent Web projects:

Hello, and welcome to my Web site that documents my 12 week quest to changingmybody. As you can see from my final picture, my body has made some significant changes. The bigges part of the story is that the most significant changes have taken place mentally, from the inside out.

I decided to take the challenge after talking with a friend one evening in December of 1999. We were talking and I was saying how disgusted I felt with my current physical state. She mentioned that her husband bought her Bill Phillips' Body-for-Life book and it was very inspirational. She also mentioned to check out the magazine Muscle Media. Well, me being the web guy and all, I first went to see if there was a site and sure enough there was;

After visiting the site, I knew I had to buy the book. I saw a woman who was from Omaha on the site and she had won her division recently. Kelly Adair had made this incredible transformation and let me tell you she looks 25. I thought to myself, if someone from Omaha at age 37 can do a transformation and look that good, what is stopping me? I ordered the book along with supplement samples and the video. I made the commitment that night to make a change.

I made the commitment that I would no longer just talk about it, I would do something about my increasing waist-line. I was eating out everyday and drinking Mt. Dew like there was no tomorrow. I was sleeping 10 hours a day and knew I needed a change.

I have always been of the competitive nature. I don't do anything 1/2 way. I set my mind to something and stick to it. The one area in my life where I had been falling behind was in my health. It was convenient to make excuses about wanting to change, but the time came to change.

I was athletic in high school, participating in football, wrestling and track. I had a brief stint in college on the football team. I went from the best shape of my life while in Basic Training for the South Dakota National Guard to becoming overweight. I knew something had to be done.

I also have always had back problems, I have been to the doctor and the last one I went to told me I was overweight. I thought, I have never in my life been told that. I knew then and there I need to change.

Bill Phillips' book is a huge inspiration. His way of life is great. I encourage anyone who is wanting to take control of their life to look into taking the challenge. Buy his book, watch the video, check out his Web site as well as the Body of Work Website. Both of which are in my links section.

I am seeing great results and happy with the progress I am making. Once I started the challenge there was no looking back. As you can see from the picture above, my pants are no longer tight. Time to go shopping for new clothes, what a great feeling.

Feel free to contact me with any comments or concerns. I hope you enjoy the site and find pieces of inspiration along the way. Take care of yourselves.


Isaac Hinds

.Copyrighted 2000.

Last Revised: April 8, 2000.