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I am done with round one. Can you believe it? How cool is that? Awesome. I am very pleased with my results. I finished at a weight of 180 lbs. My waist dropped from 38 to 30.5 inches. My body fat was 23% when I started and I am excited to report it is now at 9.2%. I plan to take a couple weeks of of the plan and eat sensible and workout. The middle of April I will be participating in round 2. This time around I will focus more on putting muscle on as well as decreasing my bodyfat. I have never felt more focused and healthy in my entire life. Please check out my final photos to see the dramatic results.

I received these audio tapes with a personal note from Bill Phillips.

It reads, "I received your competitor profile form. Promise me and yourself you'll finish all 12 weeks."

How cool is that? Let me tell you, it made my week. The tapes are very inspirational as I listen to one every morning on the way to the gym. Thanks Bill!

Old News:
I am currently wrapping up my 10th week. I am now at 12% bodyfat and weigh 190lbs. What an awesome feeling. My waist is 32 and it feels so good to fit into old clothes. The guys at GNC have really been helping me out with my supplements and training here in Omaha. The response is tremendous. Everyone notices and I have had 3 people who are now doing the challenge after seeing the results I am having.

I am starting my 9th week. The time has flown by fast. WOW! I am pleased with the results I have seen to thus far. I had to go shopping for new clothes as all my pants and belts no longer fit. That isn't such a bad thing, huh? Felt great. I was wearing waist size 36-38. I can now fit into waist size 32. I haven't been able to do that for nearly 4 years. People notice the change and ask about it all the time.

The site is a pleasure to work on, but working solo calls for a great deal of time and attention. I am working as hard as I can to get all the sections filled. New updates have been made. I now have a message board, where you can post messages about the site or anything regarding health and fitness. Also the journal section is updated and I will be adding to that daily. The links section is now organized and in working order. I have added some more photos of myself. Check back here for the lastest information regarding updates to the site.



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