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The meals you eat are very important to the overall scheme of things. I used to eat fast food at least once a day if not more. Looking back I don't know how my body was able to survive on all the junk I was feeding it. You must think of your body as a working unit. In order for this unit to work it needs the right fuel. If you don't give it the right fuel it will not perform properly or to its best ability.

I now eat six meals a day. At first I thought, how can I ever eat 6 meals a day. It is now very easy to comprehend how, once I began working out my body needed the proper nutrition to grow and transform. I eat meals that consist of a portion of protein, a portion of carbohydrates and for two of the meals a portion of vegetables. A portion, as explained by Bill Phillips, is about the size of your clenched fist. This has provided as a good rule of thumb for me thus far. I encourage you to look into the different sections and also the plan.

Planning has been very important. If you don't plan your meals ahead of time you will be lost as to what to eat. When that happens you usually grab whatever is handy and if your office is anything like mine, it isn't the healthiest food in the world. It only takes about 5 minutes a night to plan what you will eat the next day and you will be happier you did. When you go to the grocery store only buy foods that are on your plan. Planning starts by making a list before you get to the store.

There are a number of meals that will work, please check the plan section for examples of what has worked for me.

If you would like to see some recipes for authorized food please visit Muscle Media's Web site.

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