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Recently relocated to Denver, 98% of my work in now interactive. Before moving to Denver; I worked with Bozell, in the Omaha office, as an Interactive Designer for 3 years. I have yet to stop drooling, since discovering Macromedia's FLASH.

I have experience and am confident in the following technical areas:

Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1
_ Flash 5.0
_ FreeHand 9.0.1
_ Dreamweaver 4.0
_ Fireworks 4.0
_ Ultra Dev 4.0
QuarkXPress 4.1
Adobe Illustrator 9.0.2
Groove Maker 2.0

Sound Edit 2.0
BBEdit 5.0
Adobe Premiere 5.0
MacroMedia Director 7.0
Painter 4.0
Adobe PageMaker 6.5
Foosball Guru
Mac / IBM Troubleshooting
Film Output / Four color process
Protein Shake Maker
Kayaker wannabe

You will be delighted to know that I am a team player and enjoy a fun, positive work environment. If you are looking for a self-starter with a passion for the interactive field, then contact me at jellyshoes@isaachinds.com. Let's take the discussion to the appropriate level.

-Other Skills Include-
The rank of "Slop-Master" at 9ball. Coined "The Snake" in Foosball, Master of Quake 3, MP3 junkie (go to hell Metallica) and ability to run 10k without dropping dead. Also like to think I can ski and snowboard.

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