Hinds Co. is here to help.

The bulk of my recent work involves Web Sites. I am currently an Interactive Designer with Nimbus Creative in Denver, Colorado. Hinds Co. invites you to look around and see if you find something that interests you. When you do, drop me a line and we'll chat.

A few things Hinds Co. has worked on...

Advertising Campaigns (Multimedia, Newspaper, Outdoor, Print, TV)
Banner Ads

Custom Music (done with Rebirth & Groovemaker)
Direct Mail
Flash Animations

Monthly article written regarding the Web

Sales Promotions
Screen Savers

*Shamelessly donated my skills to super-imposing people for office flyers.

CMYK Magazine
This project started by contacting the editor and asking who designed the site. The reply was..." well, no one pays much attention to it". I have since designed and created the magazine's online presence. The response to the site has been overwhelming. It was named to HOW DESIGN Magazine's "TOP TEN LIST" for the month of June 2000.

MidAmerican Energy SafetyLink Zone (requires flash 5 plugin)
As my partner in crime on this project puts it, "Year two for the wonderful MidAmerican Energy SafetyLinkZone site". Always a fun piece to work on, and this year's site promises to be more functional and informative than last year's could have ever been."

Bozell Internship Program (requires flash 4 plugin)
A site for students to visit and gain more information on the the program and download the application.

Dreamfield Partners (requires flash 4 plugin)
A venture capital firm that is in its beginning stages. The company wants to be different then their competition.

I recently completed a 12 week transformation challenge sponsored by EAS. I was pleased with the results I saw and decided to create my own site to share with others. I received a great amount of email from it and the traffic is still very high to date.

If you would like to see more of my work email me at jellyshoes@isaachinds.com.