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Check back for my daily entry here. I keep a daily log of my workouts, meals and thoughts for the day in the binder you see below. I am sharing some of that with you here.

DAY 1 – Jan. 3, 2000
Woke up at 6:30am, slow to get out of bed. Didn't get out of bed very well. Didn't sleep much as I was nervous for the challenge to begin. I puked first thing after getting out of bed. Funny–I know. Got to the gym and was struggling, but made the most of it. Good workout and food intake. Today was upper Body.

Very sore. Started new shakes, they tasted good. Had a Myoplex Lite fudge bar and it tasted good. Had a great workout on the bike. Felt good to sweat like that again. Taking Phen-Free and drink more water. Need more sleep. Urine is brown, kinda weird.

Day 3
Loved working the legs. Great workout. Need to do more abs. Food tasted good. Craved pizza. Bought healthy grocieries. People at work getting excited about the program. Very excited. Fat burner definitely working on empty stomach. Brown urine still. Body fat is 23% and weighed 217lbs. Wow what a fat ass. Got my before pics back; JEESH I look bad. Serves as awesome motivation. Still very tired from lack of sleep. Go to bed earlier.

Day 4
Had a meeting so needed to get up earlier - didn't happen. Did get a good workout in and felt good. Legs are very sore today. Walking like an ape. HA! Had an Apple Spice Myoplex bar and tasted great. Urine back to normal, drank more and feels great. Lots of temptation of food at work. Food tastes good need to go to bed earlier. Great day, need to focus more on work. Need to get things done.

Day 5
Tough day of working out, body trying to adjust. Obnoxious men in the gym we distracting. Need to stay focused. Next week stay focused and get mroe done & work. Positive THINKING!! Steak tasted okay. Overall good day. The food @ work gets tough at times. Went to Harvey's Casino and had one beer. Need to stay out of smoky atmosphere.

Day 6
Met with trainer and did aerobics today, great workout. Took a nap after that and felt better. Skin is less oily and feels so much better. Things are going good so far. Felt sick so took some medicine.

Day 7
Slept from 11:30pm -8:00am. Body needed the rest. Wanting to go workout. This is my free day. Will get caught up on things and maybe catch a movie tonight. Week went by fast. Food tasted bad. Pizza was good. Feel tired and ready for second week. Had Burger King and didn't taste the same as before.

Summary - Completed! Awesome job without missing one workout. Getting up at 6 is a challenge. Planning is the key. Next few weeks will be busy. Stay focused and will continue to improve. Went from 217lbs to 211lbs this week. Body feeling much better. Skin less oily and not needing as much sleep.

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Day 8
Good workout & meals went good. Stayed focused and got things done. Today went well. Not even a craving. Well, a little for pizza.

Day 9
Good workout today. Focused good. Don't let the negative vibes at work get me down. Need a nap. Woke up too early. Need nappy. Overall good dat. Need a hard workout tomorrow.

Day 10
Good workout – pushed myself much harder then usual. Stay focused and don't let the "Hollywoods" at the gym distact you. Plan for longer hours of work. Stay focused and positive.

Day 11
Good workout today. Worked up a great sweat. Was hungry often. Focused good. Paige, my trainer, helped with some items. Meeting at work got a number of things out. People at work noticing and talking about the plan. Feels good to have people notice and ask you about it. Good job - keep focused.

Day 12
A little tired. Need to get plenty of sleep. Stayed out too late and drank some alcohol. Need to avoid this and stay on track. Not falter in these situations. Freeday.

Day 13
Need to get back on track and focused this coming week. Time to start hitting it harder. Had freeday yesterday so today focus again.

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Day 14
Need to work chest more – overall good workout. Needed to push it harder. Better eating on days off. Stay focused.

Day 15
Good workout - Great sweat. Increased fat-burner intake before workouts. Water intake was good. Stress from work. Stay focused.

Day 16
Worked out with the trainer. Body fat has dropped 3% - need to keep pushing. Incredible workout. Great burn. Need to drink more water.

Day 17
Tired – Good workout. Stressful day. Need more rest. Too many carbs today. Stay focused and get rested.

Day 18
Busy day. Very stressful. Work was deflating. We won a huge new business project and then forced to resign it. Went and saw the Green Mile. Good movie and makes you think.

Day 19
Good workout on the excercise bike. OFF day in terms of thinking. Shaved arms, what an odd feeling. Went out and ate. Need to eat better. Time to pick up the pace and get after it right.

Day 20
Rested up. Feel better this evening. It was tough getting motivated. Ate pizza and chicken. Tasted good.

Summary - Work was very stressful. Remember to relax and stay focused. Don't let situations side track from the goals at hand. Work will continue to be stressful, but make the best of what you can. Cut out distrations. Pick up the intensity this week. Plan better and stay focused. Good job. Now need to pick it up. 1/4 done. Don't give up.

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Day 21
Frustrating day @ work. Very busy and lost track of time. Need plenty of rest and stay focused. Good workout with trainer. Upper body was a good workout. Drink more water. Keep up – need to intensify more.

Day 22
Busy day at work. Started with a good workout. Good day of eating. Drank enough water today. Need to try new fish. Overall good job. Remember not to get side tracked. Stay focused and do what you need to do. Don't worry about others.

Day 23
Good hard leg workout. Good water intake. Food tasted good. Keep up good work. Stay focused on you and not worry about others. Work going good when focused. Work hard and stay focused.

Day 24
Busy, stressful day. Don't worry about the petty shit. Stay focused. Stay above the shit. Good hard run today. Plan for meetings and hectic schedules. Relax and have fun. Good work. Stay focused. Do it. "Image is everything" a client said today.

Day 25
Good upper body workout. Great Burn. Good water intake/ Today woman at work asked about the program. People notice the change. She couldn't believe the changes people have made when I showed before and after pics of past contestants. I will show everyone how kick ass this program is. Stay focused on the plan, will have long stressful week ahead. You can do it.

Day 26
Good workout, did well with eating and drinking. Need more water intake. Overall good day. At ADDYs, an annual award ceremony for Advertising, had numerous comments on how good I looked. I was looking and feeling pretty lean and ripped. Comments were cool to hear. Great feeling. Definitely making a change for the better.

Day 27
Superbowl – I chowed down. WOW! Totally over ate. Need to bust ass this coming week. Plan for the Meet the Pros conflict. Stay on track and no drinking. Tme to step it up another notch. Good week.

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Day 28
Good month. Great results. People make notice of it all the time now. Feel's good. Keep up the good work/ Awesome to have others buzzing about it. Stay on track this week.

Day 29
Good workout. Awesome sweat. This is a challenging week. Doing good. People comment all the time how healthy and good I look. Food in the office all the time. Today – Donuts and bagels. Didn't even crave them. It is now a mental thing. Watched video and looked at pics. WOW in 4 weeks I have come along way. Time to take pics soon. Great job. Mentally stronger as well as physically. Thanks Bill.

Day 30
Stressful day. Meet the Pros, the huge event I am in charge of, will be here tomorrow. YES! Good job on food. Will need to make up for missed days this weekend. Life will be much easier come friday afternoon. Good water intake and food today. Work out was very good. Awesome Job. Had more comments on the body today. I feel GREAT!

Day 31
Very stressful day with Meet the Pros. Stayed on tack with food. That evening went way overboard. Drank an obnoxious amount of alcohol. That will be one of the last times I do that amount of alcohol. That will be one of the last drinking escapades. Don't loose track of all the hard work. I had a great time with our guest speaker, Tim Brunelle from Arnold Communications. He was a great inspiration. People commented on how much I have changed and how good I look.

Day 32
Huge hangover from the night before. Still followed the food plan good. It was another busy day. Second day that I haven't worked out. Feeling incredibly guilty for missing. Ate fish tonight. The event was a huge success. The challenge gave me more confidence then I ever knew I could have. Key words - disicipline, love, passion, live by them.

Day 33
Worked out extra hard today. Did a decent job with eating. Bought entertainment center and spent all day working on that.

Day 34
Did Cardio and abs. Need to stay focused for the remaining weeks. Almost 1/2 done. I have seen great results now that Meet the Pros is behind me. I can concentrate on the challenge without as much distraction and the added stress. Good feeling on the huge accomplishment that being only 23 and organizing one of the best Meet the Pros to date. Great work.

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Day 35
Good day of working out. Stayed on track and got things done. Great Job. Do better on food. Stay on track with all the scenerios at work. Feeling tired, need to nap.

Day 36
Good workout. Ran 2.8 miles on the treadmill. It was a good workout. Did well with food. Talked about the plan with 2 radio sales managers @ lunch. Told them about the plan and they were excited about it. The site will be going up soon. They liked the idea. Felt ool to talk about it. It has become a lifestyle. It is cool. AWESOME! New Muscle and Fitness came along with Body of Work video. Feeling great. Stay positive at work.

Day 37
Hard day of fighting off the temptations fo the food @ work. Had a good workout. Staying focused @ work. Things going well there. Took % of Body fat and is at 16.9% after nearly 6 weeks. Which translates to 5-6% fat loss so far. Need to continue on and be around 115 by another 6 weeks. Stay strong and focused. Again people talked about the plan. Very cool. Plan better.

Day 38
Good workout. Getting hungrier. Need to look at food intake. Need to stay on track. Shake without milk didn't taste very well. Good water intake. Again 3 people asked about the plan. Today was a challenge. Had the confidence & drive to complete a capabilities Web site which we would normally work for at least 3-5 days. We did it in 5 hours. The account if we win it will be in the millions. Awesome feeling. Very good confidence boost. GOOD WORK! Worked as a team and it was amazing.

Day 39
Good hard workout. Stressful day trying to get organized @ work and was very busy. Food was good. Stay away from alcohol. Had 1 drink and also little smokies to celebrate the job we did yesterday. 6 weeks about to come to a close. So awesome - everyday someone asks me about the plan. Guys at work kid about me being on "the program" and becoming "The Rock". Funny.

Day 40
Slept in, but went to bed way too late. No more slacking. 6 weeks till the end. Stay focused. Good hard workout today. One of the hardest cardios to date. Listend to "Rockett's" radio station on his take of BFL. He is full of himslef, but the show is cool. It could be good to tune in to from time to time.

Day 41
Free day today. Slept till noon, but stayed up way too late. This is the last day of the slacking. 6 weeks are over now. Did a great job, lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks and dropped nearly 7% in body fat. If that continues I will be dead on my goals. I want to meet and exceed my goals. To do this I need to stay focused. The biggest things are to avoid disctractions. Cut out the negative thinking. Tired of it. Do more reading and visualizing. Will have a great chance of winning if efforts are more focused. Everything in my life is changing and it is for the better. Web site went live today. Big project, but helps from being bored. HA! Good six weeks, went by fast. Make the next 6 even better. The tape from Bill proves he cares. I can't believe I received a personal note from him. AWESOME!

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Day 42
Good hard workout. Arms were shaking. Good food intake - cut out on the little sacking. Work hard. good water ntake. Day went by fast. Don't get down about work, things will get better. 1 month from now you will be done with the challenge and in San Fran for the conference. The hard work will be noticed and you will be rewarded.

Day 43
Started day off on a short, kick my ass workout. Negative thoughts regarding everything at work. Snapped out of it in the afternoon. Awesome feeling, everyone notices the difference. Murrie bought Bill's book after seeing the change I have made. She is now going to do the transformation. Awesome, way cool to inspire others to change. Tracy was inspired to change as well. Seems the men have a hard time letting go of their egos to do it. Whatever. Awesome day!

Day 44
Great workout today with Paige. Found out she has her own Web site. Very cool. Today was an awesome day at work. Found out we made the finals for the multi-million dollar account. Pretty damn impressive. Very Cool. Entire agency is pumped. Everyone at work talking about my site. Some skeptics, but I zone them out. The positive energy will not fade. Those who get it, love the progress and embrace it. Get some rest, fight temptations and stay on track. Busy week ahead.

Day 45
Today was a great workout. The intensity was high. Need to avoid the temptations at work. Avoid eating any of it. Stay focused. Was on the online radio station of Kelly Adair's. Made great progress on the site. Good job, get more rest.

Day 46
Good Cardio workout. Excellent burn. Did a good job of water intake. Watch the little snacks here and there around the office. Talked about the BFL plan to a number of people at Dale's going away party. There was one woman who of course had to say something negative, as always, said it was unhealthy to do what I am doing. That's funny considering she has no idea what I am doing or that thousands of other people have and are doing it. Didn't waste my time. I had two beers and 10 large glasses of water. Felt good to maintain control and watch others as opposed to being one of them.

Day 47
Great workout at the gym. Took pictures to GNC and they thought I have had incredible results. Then pumped myself up and bought new clothes. Felt good to fit into waist size 32 & 34 jeans. Haven't been able to do that for nearly 4 years. Went out and had two drinks and lots of water. Overall good day.

Day 48
Felt that I had to workout so I did stairmaster for 20 min and then worked on abs. Signed up for the "try"athalon for next saturday at the gym. Good free day - relaxed and unwound. Good day of converstation with everyone. Food bloated me and it was good to taste it though. Good week ahead.

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Day 49
Awesome, awesome workout. Burned the hell out of my legs. Then did 10 minutes on stairmaster. WOW! Unbelievable burn. Made great progress with the Web site. Within the next week the site will be complete. Everyday more attention is brought to the program. Great job.

Day 50
Best workout for aerobics to date. WOW, does the stairmaster kick my ass. Had a difficult time staying focused on being positive with today. This challenge has totally changed me. I have been told by more then one person, I am a lot more direct and to the point. I know I am and have a "can do" attitude. Hate being around negativity. Many things going on. Great job on workout. People asking all the time about the food and health from me. Great feeling. Going to look into becomeing a personal trainer. Good day. Drink more water.

Day 51
Good hard workout. Best upper body workout yet. Did anawesome job. Muscles very tight. People noticed at the gym. Good water intake. People at work commented on as well as clients about the Web site. Everyone really likes it. Cool! Getting email from people about the site and how it has served as an inspiration for them. Keep up the good work.

Day 52
Great intense workout. Very good intensity. Keep up the good work. Need to increase intensity as I go and watch the diet closely. Fine tune the diet and supplements. Need to loose the fat around lower abs. Then I will be set. Many comments again today. Keep on keeping on. Finishing site this weekend.

Day 53
Great workout again. This week has been excellent for working out and picking up the intensity. Did a great job. Today was a co-worker's last day. He is very cool, Mr. Don Trouba has made my life at work much easier and happier. I hate to see him go, but he is going to Europe, what an awesome opportunity. Stay on track at work and focus on the projects at hand and not others. Tired, watched a movie and went to bed earlier. "Try"athalon is tomorrow. Need to rest. Taylor and Lauryn posted on the message baord and made my day. Very cool. Feel a cold coming on.

Day 54
Woke up and cleaned my apartment, then went off to the "try" athalon. WOW!! An hour of cycling, then and hour of body pump, and finished with an hour of turbo kick. The cycling totally kicked my ass, looked as if I was showering in my own sweat. The body pump was tough at times, but the turbo kick was tough. Felt good to accomplish that. I will be ready for my free day. good way to end a good week. Ready for week nine to come. keep on improving.

Day 55
Feeling a bad cold coming on today. Ate a big breakfast and worked on Pro-Bono Web site for hometown today. Are junk food all day. It felt good to do nothing. I need to kick this cold. Got to have a good week ahead. Stay on track and work hard.

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Day 56
My cold seems to have come on even stronger. UGH! Trying to fight it off. Not much fun. I had a good upper body workout this morning. Great focus and got things done. Maintain throughout the week. Good start to the week aside from the cold. Good water intake as well.

Day 57
Oh man, this cold really sucks. I can hardly hear. My head is congested and my nose runs constantly. I had a very strong hard workout today on the stairmaster. Total sweat. Today went bad fairly quickly. Good focus and accomplished a number of things. Water intake was good as well as eating. Need to get rid of this cold. It is worse then the day before. Overall good day. Just need rid the cold.

Day 58
Cold kicked in high today. Trying to fight it off as best I can. I had a good upper body workout this morning. great focus at got things done. Maintain throughout the week. Good start. good water intake as well.

Day 59
This cold is terrible. I had a good aerobic workout today on the stairmaster. I took some medicine and had some chicken soup cleared my head then headed to bed about 3 hours earlier then usual. Listening to the audio tapes of Bill's help to keep in mind you will always have adversity.

Day 60
I am feeling better today. Cold still present. Good hard leg workout today. Pretty non-productive day at work. Tapes are very inpsirational that Bill sent. Good focused efforts. Good water intake. Need to increase the intensity tomorrow.

Day 61
The blasted cold is still lingering around. Although, I am feeling better despite it still being here. I can feel myself getting in better shape every day. The jeans that 4 years ago I could barely fit into are now loose on me. It is a great feeling. Good water intake and a good hard cardio workout this morning. I had an board meeting early this morning so woke up earlier then usual. Some unexpected things came up, but will work through them. Overall a good day. The days are flying by. Keep the faith.

Day 62
Good day. I worked out a little. I felt as though I needed to. Food tasted good. I went a little overboard on the OREO cookies, but hey I worked my ass of all week, so why not? Cold is still lingering a bit. Awesome day outside so I took advantage of it as best I could. Good relaxing day. Starting on the 10th week. WOW!- The time is flying by. Lots of things going on. Lots of change in store. Embrace change and go with it. Go all out and get it done.

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Day 63
Great day. Today was a very productive day with the workouts and work. Need to increase water intake. Good food intake. Worked out 2 times today. Now that I am in the final weeks, I need to really kick ass. Things have gone by fast and made lots of progress. Legs looking great. Need to loose the little around the waist. People comment every day. on my progress. Keep up the good work. The end of this challenge is near. Great job.

Day 64
Great, great workout. Ran 3 miles and biked 4.75 miles. I had my bodyfat checked today and the readings were all over the map. I had one that was 13.8% on a hand held reading, to 12% on a Web site calculator. I went from teh Web site one when I started and it was 23%. I now weigh 190lbs. Incredible results. Went to GNC and had tons of comments from my pics that are at the store. Every day I have tons of people comment on my progress. Need to stay up on the water intake. Doing great, finish strong.

Day 65
Woke up too early and then felt flat this morning. I had a good workout for upperbody. Hit is hard. Amazing how much more weight I can lift in 10 short weeks. I get more looks in the gym now that I am not such a blubber butt. I love getting the burn. Awesome feeling when it is achieved. The Krispy Cremes looked so good at work today. Awe, man I was hurting to try one. Overall decent day. Not much time left so keep hitting it hard.

Day 66
Great workout. Woke up tired, but got after it and hit it hard. great day of aerobics. Hit legs overtime tomorrow. Added search feature on the Web site. Good water intake today. Feel better when I drink more water. Played volleyball tongiht. good week finish strong. Can totally tell the fat is shedding off of me. YEAH!

Day 67
Good hard leg workout. Felt awesome. Legs are looking good, I am pleased with the results I am seeing. Great definition in calves. Relaxed int he sauna tonight. Good food and water intake. I watched Montel – cool feeling knowing I am part of it all. Online seminar with Bill was good. Bill posted on the yahoo club board and it was an exciting experience. Cool way to end the evening.

Day 68
Good day, went to my old school and it looks great. The art college is making great progress. It was a great realxing day. Good hard workout. Gettting a number of looks in the gym now. The looks you don't get when you are tubby like I was before. Today I posted on the yahoo club and received feedback from Scott Nelson. Scott is an EAS champion from the Body-for-Life Program. VERY, VERY Cool experience. I'm feeling great.

Day 69
Pigged out. Slept. Pigged out some more. Felt great. I had to force myself not to workout today. Very bloated feeling and looking with all the junk food. UGH. Feels good to know that healthy food is my lifestyle now. The junk food is nice once a week, but won't go back to the old ways. Time to turn it up yet another notch this week. So cool to hear from Scott Nelson that he liked the site. Means a gret deal. Also him commenting on my progress. How frick'n cool! Stay Positive and get it done.

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Day 70
WOW! I had and an awesome upper body workout today. The weight increased as did my intensity. Even after a free day I was looking ripped today. Felt good. I had lunch today with "coach Becki". Becki is competing in her second challenge. She is doing a great job and is a great inspiration. Very cool to meet her today. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with her. Food intake was good as well as water. Things are clicking and moving right along. Keep on keep'n on.

Day 71
Good Day – Stayed focused. Did a good job of visualizing. Work up and hit it hard. The day went by fast. Busy day and getting ready for trip. Good Monday.

Day 72
Busy...Long day. on the road. Got a good workout in before we left. Drove across Iowa, wow, glad I don't do that everyday. Long haul. We had a seminar to with the interactive department and it went well. Went out and ate afterward, steak tasted good along with a potato and mushrooms. Eating on the road is a challenge, but bars come in handy.

Day 73
Woke up and didn't get a very good night's rest. I was awake every hour. UGH! Used the hotel's weight room and did 25 min on the stair master. Most of the day was spent on the road. Went and had a great lower body workout. Squated 405 lbs, 6 times. I was very, very focused. In a total zone. Need to maintain staying in the zone. This week went by fast. 1 1/2 weeks left. Keep going strong, looking good.

Day 74
Great Workout - awesome sweat. Ran 2.75 miles. WOW, what a workout, Intense mental challenge and hit a ten. Biked 6.25 miles, didn't hit a ten but still a good sweat. Food intake was good. Entering final week. How awesome! I'm going to finish and finish strong. Oh YEAH! No St. Paddy's drinking for me. Great focus lately, keep it up.

Day 75
Exhausting day. Started out lagging. I didn't get much sleep last night. Things in my personal life are mixed up and mentally draining. Good upper body workout, despite slow getting up. Busy day. I was able to get a project through for work. Stayed focused and strong it felt good. Didn't bother going out. 1 week left, I can't wait to take final pics.

Day 76
Woke up and felt better. Worked out hard and sat in the sauna. Very relaxing. Ran errands all day and got a number of things done. Took dress pants in to get refitted. Still stressed about relationship and where it is going.

Day 77
Slept in very late today. 1 week from now I will be in San Fran, living large. Oh Yeah! Busy week ahead. Number of things to accomplish. Stay focused and finish strong. Almost there!

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Day 78
Good leg workout. Burned great. Carb depleting is tough. Mentally and physically challenging. Set up appointment for photos: 9am Saturday. So close! YEAH! I am irratible at work and ready for the depletion to be over. UGH. Feeling flat. worked out and muscles felt hard. Cool feeling, veins really popped. Stay focused and stay positive. Going to Vegas w/BFL crowd. Cool!

Day 79
Very stressful day. Woke up flat and carried over the entire day. I had an early meeting and woke up late, so didn't get a full workout in like I wanted. Day was long and stressful. Worked out in the evening. I recovered and regrouped. Tomorrow will be a new day. Get back on track.

Day 80
Woke up totally pumped. Great upper body workout. Looking good and stayed focused. Took care of issues at work and should help my state-of-mind. Tough day mentally draining the afternoon was better, but rough evening. Trying to make a long-distance realtionship work. Last day of carb depletion. THANK YOU!

Day 81
Yes, much better. Carbed up today and it felt great. My well-being was/is much better. One more day to go. Oh Yeah! Looking and feeling good. Yes so, excited.

Day 82
Great day of high energy and excitement. People talk about the plan and what I am doing everyday. Such an awesome feeling. I can't wait to go to Vegas. It will kick ass. Good day or working out and at work. Things were accomplished and right on track. Put on my tanning lotion. That was a trip, very messy and cumbersome to deal with. I looked kinda freakish afterwad.

Day 83
Took my final pics this morning. Woke up did a light workout and then took them. It was weird knowing I am done with the 12 weeks. Awesome feeling of accomplishment. I can't wait to get the pics back. Should be very cool. I am excited I finished. After the second week there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't finish.

Day 84
The official last day and it is a free day. I am on my way to San Francisco for a few days to attend a FLASH conference. Should be cool. Everyone asks me so now that you are done, now what? I am going to do a second round beginning in the middle of April. Stay tuned for 12 more weeks of changing my body for life. I am done. KICK ASS!

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